Quantum Quest

Incoming 9th grade to Recent High School Graduates

One Week Camp: July 18 - July 22nd, 2022
Tucson, Arizona


This program is a collaboration between:

Join Qubit by Qubit for the world's first-ever all-girls quantum computing camp to develop skills in the technology of the future!

Teleportation is no longer just for science fiction. In quantum computing - it's real. Can one particle be in multiple places at the same time? In quantum physics - it's possible with superposition. Learn these weird wonders of quantum computing along with the bizarre phenomena of entanglement in our summer quantum computing camp. You'll also learn Qiskit, IBM's quantum coding language and even run code in a real quantum computer! This camp is like no other you've experienced.

What students learn

Students will:
  • Learn about quantum mechanics, quantum computation, and quantum algorithms
  • Understand of the limitations of classical computers and the massive potential of quantum computing
  • Learn key concepts including qubits, Bloch sphere, superposition & entanglement.
  • Construct quantum circuits and send them to a real quantum computer!
  • Learn about the local opportunities in Tucson to study and work in quantum-related fields, with visits from University of Arizona researchers and STEM role models.
  • Discover how quantum computers have the potential to solve some of the world's toughest problems: from climate change to medical research.

Lead Instructor

Emily Van Milligen

Emily Van Milligen grew up in Northern California where she participated in Girl Scouts from 1st grade to 7th grade. After graduating from high school she attended college in Boston at Tufts University where she majored in Math and Physics. Now she lives in Tucson, where she spends her time exploring the desert and working towards her PhD in Physics at the University of Arizona. Her research group focuses on the quantum applications of light and she is focusing on laying the foundation for a future Quantum Internet. She is enthusiastic about playing soccer, painting, reading a good book, and sharing her passion for STEM with others.



Incoming 9th-12th grade students + college freshmen


10am-4pm July 18th - 22nd

Lunch Included


FREE, thanks to generous support of the National Science Foundation.

This program is supported by the National Science Foundation award OIA-2134830, which is led by University of Arizona researcher, Dr. Zhenshen Zhang.


None! We welcome all interested and curious students who are excited to learn about this emerging technology.

No prior knowledge of quantum computing is required or expected.


Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona's

Angel Charity Place for Girls

4336 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711