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Introduction to Quantum Computing Course with Google Quantum AI Google Quantum

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Future innovators are learning quantum today
Be one of the first students to develop real-world skills in this emerging field.

As a leader in quantum education, we offer accessible, hands-on, and innovative programs for K-12, university students, educators, and members of the workforce to learn real quantum skills, run codes on quantum computers, and work alongside leading global quantum researchers. Our programs include:





2023-24 Introduction to Quantum Computing Course with Google Quantum AI Google Quantum

Taught by PhD researchers from Google Quantum

This is a first-of-its kind course designed to make quantum computing accessible to high school students and above. With live instruction and hands-on labs, students have the chance to learn from industry experts and join a global community of future STEM leaders. Quantum computing will impact industries from healthcare to finance to cybersecurity, and we want today's high school students to be prepared to lead the next computing revolution.

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  • Learn the foundations of quantum computing, including introductory linear algebra, quantum physics, and coding in Python, Cirq, Stim and Qualtran
  • Run code on a real quantum computer
  • Live classes taught virtually by PhD graduates from Stanford University

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  • Be one of the first high schools in the world to offer a course in quantum computing
  • Virtual & taught live by Stanford PhD Quantum Researchers
  • Students will learn the foundations of quantum computing and even run code on a real quantum computer!
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Our Quantum Advantage

Developed and taught by MIT & Stanford PhDs

Supported by leading tech companies including IBM and Google Quantum AI

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Earn High School Credit

Inclusive program design

Join a global cohort of future quantum leaders

Learn from leading experts in academia and industry

Program Spotlight:

Introduction to Quantum Computing for High School Students 2020-2021

Partnered with IBM Quantum and taught by MIT and Oxford quantum researchers, Qubit by Qubit led the first ever global quantum computing course for high school students and above. In this year-long course, over 7,500 students from 125 countries learned skills in quantum mechanics, quantum computation, quantum algorithms and even ran code on a real quantum computer! Join us for 2022-2023 by subscribing below.