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Grades: 6 - 12, University, & Educators

Future innovators are learning quantum today.
Be one of the first students to develop real-world skills in this emerging field.

As a leader in quantum education, we offer accessible, hands-on, and innovative programs for K-12, university students, educators, and members of the workforce to learn real quantum skills, run code on quantum computers, and work alongside leading global quantum researchers. Our programs include:

Camps & Courses




#SummerOfQuantum 2024

Registration now open!

Middle School Camp

July 22 - 26

Grades: 6 - 9

  • Learn about qubits, quantum superposition, and quantum entanglement
  • Code quantum circuits and run them on a real quantum computer!

High School Camp

July 29 - Aug 2

Grades: 10 - 12 + University

  • Create a quantum circuit that entangles two qubits
  • Explore the intersection of quantum & cryptography, aerospace, AI & more!
  • Run code on a quantum computer!

Quantum Computing PD

Aug 5 - 9

High School Educators

  • Learn real quantum skills
  • 1-week summer program
  • Community of STEM educators
  • Code on a quantum computer!

2024-25 Introduction to Quantum Computing Course with Google Quantum AI Google Quantum

Taught by PhD researchers from Google Quantum

This is a first-of-its kind course designed to make quantum computing accessible to high school students and above. With live instruction and hands-on labs, students have the chance to learn from industry experts and join a global community of future STEM leaders. Quantum computing will impact industries from healthcare to finance to cybersecurity, and we want today's high school students to be prepared to lead the next computing revolution.

Introduction to Quantum Computing

Semesters I & II
  • Be among the first students in the world to learn quantum computing
  • Learn in-depth skills applying quantum networks and algorithms
  • Discover the magic of quantum hardware
  • Meet renowned quantum experts
  • Go on virtual quantum lab tours
  • Run code on a quantum computer!

Foundations of Quantum Computing

Semester I
  • Explore the world of quantum
  • Learn foundational skills in quantum mechanics using qubits, superpositon and entanglement concepts
  • Discuss ethics and biases to use quantum responsibly
  • Develop Python skills
  • For-credit course
  • Options to continue on to Semester II

Register as a School

  • Be one of the first high schools in the world to offer a course in quantum computing
  • Virtual & taught live by Stanford PhD Quantum Researchers
  • Students will learn the foundations of quantum computing and even run code on a real quantum computer!
  • FREE for school partner students and schools

2024 E arly Q uantum C areer
I mmersion: Training & Internship Program

Registration for summer 2024 EQCI program has now closed. Submit interest for the Summer 2025 Program below.

Grades: University

EQCI is a first-of-its-kind program designed to bring together a diverse cohort of undergraduate students interested in learning about the field of quantum computing.

This introductory program will equip students with foundational quantum computing skills, in addition to general skills for an internship, including professionalism and research skills. Then students will be paired with a host organization to work on a real-world quantum computing project .

Last summer, host organizations included IBM Quantum, Google AI, bp, Unitary Fund, and Qunnect.

Our Quantum Advantage

Developed and taught by MIT & Stanford PhDs

Supported by leading tech companies including IBM and Google Quantum AI

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Earn High School Credit

Inclusive program design

Join a global cohort of future quantum leaders

Learn from leading experts in academia and industry