Quantum computing will revolutionize the field of technology over the next decade. We're on a mission to ensure the next generation is prepared with the necessary quantum knowledge and skills to ensure innovation, prosperity, and social mobility for all.

Our Program Focus

As the global leader in quantum education, Qubit by Qubit is dedicated to providing accessible, supportive, and in-depth quantum education so our students are prepared for the future of work. Our programs span three main areas:


Through our comprehensive programs for K-16, educators, and members of the workforce, we provide students with the most supportive and accessible year-round education in quantum computing.

Workforce Development

Our research opportunities, internships and upskilling programs expose students to the different applications quantum can be applied toward and provide real-world experience in the quantum industry.

Policy Advocacy

We work with districts, states, and Departments of Education to make sure quantum information science education and workforce development is a priority.

We're inspiring the next generation of quantum global leaders.

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Student Stories

Da'Vion Tatum
Talia Novack
Yuxin Wang
Serena Turner
David Toler
Michelle Contreras
"Before this camp, I had very little exposure to quantum computation. In fact, when applying for the camp, I had to research what quantum mechanics even meant! At the completion of this camp, I was not only able to define what quantum computation meant but also understand the deeper attributes. I loved how this camp was able to make connections with other material outside of quantum; this helped with understanding the material and placing quantum in a broader context. I will definitely look into quantum mechanic classes in college! I can't wait to see the future of quantum mechanics! This camp has also inspired me to pursue and learn more concepts, outside of my high school curriculum."
“This camp is one of the best experiences that I've ever had...As a Latin american student, I don't have a lot of opportunities to learn topics like quantum computing or quantum mechanics. This experience was awesome, I enjoyed everything. Of course it was challenging at first, but I learned a lot and it made me realize that maybe quantum computing is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”
“This camp was amazing. It truly combines two of my favorite passions, engineering and physics. We learned so much about quantum physics, which was amazing enough, but the hands-on activities really made my year. Currently, one of the best things to happen in 2020. I learned so much and the teachers and my peers were so great, helpful, cooperative, and all had a learning attitude which just built up my love for physics once again. Then when we actually built quantum circuits and ran them, my mind was blown for another time. The course really was able to relate the different topics really well and though it may be challenging with the high level math skills and concepts, it clicked for me after the quantum chess play through and I became inspired. Making me want to study or research quantum computing in the future.”
"I LOVED THE CAMP! There are many students such as myself whether that be minority, low income, etc. who, by nature of social and systematic marginalization, lack many opportunities and chances of exposure...I had never heard of Quantum Coding before this camp, let alone thought that I would enjoy it! This camp and this scholarship gave me an opportunity and a new liking for another field of STEM study that without it, I would not have known anything about!"
"If you see me in the field of quantum computing in the future, just know I started here."
"This past week has honestly been life-changing and eye- opening! I am looking forward to exploring quantum for the rest of my life."

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