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Saturday, February 27, 2021

11 AM - 6 PM ET

The future of quantum is all of us.

Join us for a one-day, virtual conference that brings together students, educators, tech leaders, policy-makers, and quantum researchers to discuss how we can create an inclusive and equitable quantum future.

This is a first-of-its-kind event for students around the world who are aspiring to enter into the rapidly-growing field of quantum computing. Students from diverse backgrounds will leave the conference feeling inspired and empowered, having relatable quantum computing role models, ideas for pursuing education and careers in quantum, and a firm belief that they belong in this field.

Role Models

Hear from leaders who are paving the way in quantum computing about their personal and professional journeys, challenges, and lessons learned.

Actionable Strategies

Learn ways to make the field of quantum computing more inclusive to students from diverse backgrounds.


Meet others who are equally passionate about empowering the next generation of quantum leaders.

Why is this Important?

"Diversity in all walks of life is essential -- It expands everyone's point of view. Inclusion in all walks of life is essential -- it provides support for different points of view to be considered and fairly assessed. Practical solutions and insights within the quantum sciences can only be unleashed to their full potential with a conscious effort to meaningfully include minorities at all steps of science-making."

Clarice Aiello

Assistant Professor of ECE, UCLA Quantum Biology Tech (QuBiT) Lab

"Diversity and inclusion are at the core of IBM Quantum's mission. This goes beyond building an open-source quantum computing platform; we're trying to create a truly open and supportive community that will allow anyone from any background to program a quantum computer. Our team is always working to thoughtfully expand the quantum computing field and democratize access to this technology, be it through the people we hire, the groups we partner with, and the projects that we encourage our employees and our community to take on. Not only do we hope to be a leader in this space today, but we want to lay the groundwork for the vibrant, global, and equitable quantum computing field of tomorrow."

Jay Gambetta

IBM Fellow and Vice President of Quantum Computing at IBM

“History and modern technologies have shown us that underrepresentation in science leads to crucial gaps in perspective, insight, and talent. I believe our growing field is in a unique position to fill those gaps preemptively, by investing in equitable access to quantum education and job opportunities at all levels.”

Sabrina Hong

Hardware Engineer for Google's Quantum Hardware team

“To develop the technologies that will usher in a new industrial revolution around quantum computing, we must foster a more inclusive quantum community that attracts talents from all backgrounds, especially those that are historically underrepresented in science and technology.”

Ryan Babbush

Chief Research Scientist for Google's Quantum Algorithms Team

“Quantum computing is a transformative technology for a diverse world. If the community developing this technology does not reflect the diversity of the society we live in, we run the risk of causing great harm to each other.”

Sarah Kaiser

Advisor, Unitary Fund and Quantum Community Advocate

“The quantum technologies we're developing are intended for all of humanity. When building tools for everyone and driving the bleeding edge of innovation, I believe you need a heterogeneous mix of backgrounds and expertise—a diverse team that looks like our diverse world.”

Erik Lucero

Lead Engineer for Google's Quantum Computing Service

"If we want to build large-scale fault-tolerant quantum systems and unleash the full potential of quantum advantage, we don't just want, but need creativity and diversity of thought. By excluding or discouraging people from the field, we are losing valuable contributions, backgrounds, ideas, opinions, skill sets, and insight. The quantum computing community is already bold, venturesome, tight-knit, collaborative, and fun -- why not make it inclusive as well?"

Fran Vasconcelos

QxQ Lead Instructor and Rhodes Scholar

“Building a quantum computer involves multifaceted challenges across diverse fields from fundamental physics to engineering. We believe assembling a team of people with a diversity of backgrounds is crucial to innovation, and gives us the best shot at success.”

Julian Kelly

Senior Staff Research Scientist and Google Quantum Hardware lead

Highlighted Speakers

Dr. Tina Brower-Thomas

Education Director, NSF Science and Technology Center for Integrated Quantum Materials

Dr. Sarah Kaiser

Advisor, Unitary Fund and Quantum Community Advocate

Dr. James Freericks

Professor of Physics, Georgetown University (McDevitt Chair), Lead Writer and Organizer, “Key Concepts for Future Quantum Information Science Learners.”

Dr. Edmund Bertschinger

Professor of Physics and Affiliated Faculty, Program in Women's and Gender Studies at MIT

Dr. Hanhee Paik

Research Staff Member in the IBM Quantum group, IBM Research

Dr. Jessica Rosenberg

Director of Education, Quantum Materials Center & Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy; George Mason University

Dr. Tomasz Durakiewicz

Program Director for Condensed Matter Physics, NSF

Dr. Kate Weber

Policy Lead for AI Research and Innovation, Google

Dr. Kayla Lee

Growth Product Manager, Community Partnerships at IBM Quantum

...and many more!


All times are in Eastern Standard Time. All day attendance not required.

11:00 am
12:00 pm

Welcome Remarks + Keynote

12:00 pm
1:00 pm

PANEL: Gender Inclusivity in the Quantum Computing Ecosystem

How do we ensure that quantum computing is inclusive to people of all genders? How do we purposefully create equitable opportunities for people of all genders to succeed in this field?

1:00 pm
2:00 pm

Break + Early Career Fireside Chat

2:00 pm
3:00 pm

PANEL: Shaping the Quantum Education Landscape

What does the quantum computing education landscape look like today? What are the most significant barriers to ensuring the future of quantum is diverse and inclusive? How can we address these barriers through thoughtful, intentional policymaking?

3:00 pm
4:00 pm

PANEL: Advancing Racial Equity in Quantum

How do we advance racial equity within quantum computing, including within academia and industry, as well as the pipeline to get there?

4:00 pm
6:00 pm

Where We Go Next: Panel Discussion, Industry Spotlights, & Concluding Remarks

What can we do, starting today, to make quantum computing more inclusive and diverse? Learn actionable strategies from industry experts working to make quantum computing inclusive for all. Hear from quantum computing companies and organizations about opportunities to get involved in the field.

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Who should attend this conference?

This event is designed for students and early career professionals seeking to join the quantum computing community, as well as professionals leading the charge to make quantum equitable, inclusive, and diverse.

Is there any cost to attend?

This event is completely free, thanks to our sponsors.

How can I attend the event?

This is a 100% virtual conference. After completing registration here , you will receive information via email about the next steps and specific instructions for how to navigate our conference technology.

Do I need to attend all day?

No. We encourage attendees to join throughout the day for sessions that excite them most.