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Introduction to Quantum Computing 2021-22 with
IBM Quantum

For High School Students (Grades 9-12)




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"Qubit by Qubit has given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a part of the future. Taking this course was possibly the best decision of my life. Thank you to everyone at IBM Quantum and Qubit by Qubit, you have changed my life and given me friends for life."

- Oliver, Grade 10, U.K.

About the Program

Are you a high school student who wants to develop in-depth, real world skills in quantum computing? This first-of-its kind course is for you!

The Experience

Through two semesters of weekly lectures, lab sections, and homework assignments, students develop a foundational understanding of quantum computing, including basic linear algebra, quantum mechanics, quantum computation and information, and quantum algorithms. They will even have the chance to code on a real quantum computer. Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Each week students participate in three activities: a 1.5 hour lecture, a 1-hour lab with a Teaching Assistant, and a homework assignment. Lectures serve as an opportunity to provide conceptual understanding about a topic, whereas labs are a chance for students to gain hands-on experience. Instructors and teaching assistants are from leading quantum universities, including MIT, Stanford, and University of Waterloo. Additional support is available for students including homework review sessions and office hours.

The Benefits

As a part of the course, students have the unique opportunity to meet with industry leaders and quantum experts who are shaping the field of quantum. They will join a global cohort of future quantum leaders, making life-long friends from around the world. As some of the first high school students in the world to learn quantum computing, they will gain an edge in college and job competitiveness.

Quantum computing will impact industries from healthcare to finance to cybersecurity, and we want today’s high school students to be prepared to lead the next computing revolution. Our goal is to make the material accessible to students from all different backgrounds, because we want the future quantum workforce to be as diverse as the world is.

Interested in receiving high school credit? We are accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and can provide high school credit with your high school’s approval. Students from more than 100 high schools in the U.S. received credit last year for completing the course. To see if you can receive credit, please email us, and we will send more information.

This course is not only fascinating but was a big help in applying to university... I highly recommend learning about quantum computing in high school, it’s an opportunity we’ve never been able to have before, and as I’ve learned, it is not only incredibly interesting but has the potential to affect anything, from chemistry to climate change, so this will be useful no matter what subject you’re interested in!”

- Sophie, Grade 12, U.K.

Full scholarships are available

Diversifying STEM is at the heart of what we do. Full scholarships are available for students with financial need and from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in STEM.

What students will learn

The goal of the course is to provide students with foundational knowledge and skills in quantum computing. Students will spend the first half of the course developing a conceptual understanding of key quantum topics and concepts, including quantum mechanics and quantum circuits, as well as developing skills in math and Python that will be utilized in the second semester. The second half of the course will focus on coding quantum circuits and quantum algorithms, leading to students coding on a real quantum computer. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Perform linear algebra operations that represent quantum gates
  • Use Python libraries to send a circuit to a quantum computer and analyze the results
  • Conceptually understand important quantum algorithms such as Grover's algorithm
  • Implement quantum key distribution (QKD) in Python
  • Run a Variational Quantum Eigensolver to simulate a molecule

Lead Instructor

Akshay Agarwal

Akshay graduated from MIT with his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Recently, he completed a postdoctoral research position in the Research Laboratory for Electronics at MIT. In his research, he applies principles of quantum mechanics to improve the efficiency of electron microscopy and make the technique applicable to live biological samples. Akshay obtained his PhD. He holds a B. Tech. and M. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2014. Outside of his research, Akshay enjoys teaching, writing, and playing the violin.


Engineer, QuEra Computing

PhD student, MIT

PhD student, Duke

Undergraduate, North Carolina State

PhD student, University of Waterloo

Graduate student, Colorado School of Mines

Technology at PNC Bank

PhD student, MIT

Undergraduate, University of Connecticut

Undergraduate, MIT

Our Sponsor


We are grateful for the support of IBM Quantum who is helping ensure quantum education is accessible to all students—regardless of socioeconomic background.



Incoming 9 - 12th graders and gap year students


September 26, 2021* - April 10, 2022
Students will attend a weekly lecture and lab each week (many time options)

*There will be an orientation on September 19. If you register after this date, you will be sent a video recording of the orientation.


$700 for the year-long course
Thanks to our sponsor IBM Quantum, we
have many FULL scholarships available
for students with financial need or from underrepresented backgrounds


The only prerequisite is that students have taken a geometry class. No prior STEM experience or quantum knowledge is required or expected


  • Two-semester course
  • 3-5 hours per week commitment
  • Weekly lectures and labs held live
    via Zoom
  • Open to high school students only
  • Application Deadline

    Spots are limited, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

    How to Apply

    To apply, students are required to complete a short application with basic information and submit a 300-word statement of interest. We care about enthusiasm and passion, not prior STEM experience, so submit your application ASAP!

    Hear from our Students

    "As I attended lectures and participated in labs, my excitement for quantum computing only grew."
    Ammielle, Grade 10, Canada
    "I love how this course and the field of quantum computing connect all of my favorite subjects: math; physics; and computer science."
    Emma, Grade 11, Pennsylvania
    "As an African female, we are completely underrepresented in the scientific and technological community. I will forever be grateful to Qubit by Qubit for giving me a chance to take part in this program, and finally revolutionize African women and their achievements in the scientific and technological community."
    Noela, Grade 10, Kenya
    "The lectures were so good that I would stay up till midnight to watch them live whenever I could. After this course, I feel that I can learn anything if I want to. Learning quantum computing before my school even finished calculus has shown me that age is no barrier."
    Abhinav, Grade 12, India
    “This course really opened my eyes to how interesting quantum computing can be. It's just challenging enough that every question feels both achievable and rewarding. The applications that they bring up with every topic bring a sense of wonder that is often lacking in your typical math or science class.”
    Josh, Grade 11, Los Angeles