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We're bringing quantum computing out of the lab and into the classroom. We've introduced thousands of students to this emerging technology through our accessible, inclusive, and exciting programs.

Programs offered for students in:

  • Middle School
  • High School
  • University

Ways to Partner with Us

Accredited year-long course for high school students

  • Professional development opportunities for educators looking to learn the technology that will revolutionize the tech industry in the next decade and bring these skills back into their classrooms.
  • Taught by Stanford PhD researchers, this course is the equivalent of a one-semester college course.
  • Live, virtual instruction.
  • WASC accredited and University of California A-G approved as a college preparatory course.
  • If interested, sign up to be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities.
  • WASC
  • University Of California AC Guide


  • FREE 1-2 hour virtual “field trip” to introduce key quantum computing concepts, like superposition & entanglement.
  • Invite us to your classroom or afterschool club for this interactive dive into the “quantum world”.
  • Designed specifically for middle and high school students, workshops are a great fit for all STEM classes including physics, chemistry, math, and computer science.

Summer Camps

  • 1-4 week virtual middle and high school summer camps exploring quantum phenomena and applications.
  • Students will learn from leading experts in academia and industry.
  • Create quantum circuits, run quantum algorithms, and write code on a real quantum computer!

Professional Development

  • Professional development opportunities for educators looking to learn quantum computing.
  • If interested, sign up to be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities.


To ensure that the future of this emerging field is diverse and inclusive, our goal is to make sure that students of all backgrounds can see themselves in quantum computing.


Our programs are designed for K-12 and undergraduate students of all educational backgrounds. We teach students what they need to know with no prior knowledge required.


Students love discovering the excitement and potential of quantum computing through our interactive and hands-on activities. They’ll also develop key STEM skills in coding, physics and math.

Students and Teachers Love Our Programs!

“I love how this course and the field of quantum computing connect all of my favorite subjects: math, physics, and computer science.”

-11th grade student, Pennsylvania

“Quantum computing, in my opinion, is the closest thing to magic we've seen in a long time!”

-11th grade student, Illinois

“Your explanations were spot on and the students (and parents) were totally engaged…”

-Middle School Science Teacher, Texas

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