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Quantum Computing Summer Camp for High School Students

Week 1: July 17 - 21
Week 2: July 24 - 28

Grades: 10 - 13+ and educators



Camp Overview

Be one of the first high school students in the world to develop skills in quantum computing - the technology of the future! Teleportation is no longer just for science fiction. In quantum computing - it’s real. Can one particle be in multiple places at the same time? In quantum physics - it’s possible with superposition. Learn these weird wonders of quantum computing along with the bizarre phenomena of entanglement in our summer quantum computing camp. You’ll also learn Qiskit, IBM’s quantum coding language and even run code in a real quantum computer! This camp is like no other you’ve experienced.

Through hands-on activities and projects, students learn how to construct quantum circuits and algorithms all while developing programming skills in Python. Taught by graduates from top universities, such as MIT, Harvard, and more. No prior knowledge required.

Join for week 1 or take the full 2-week camp:


Week 1: July 17th - July 21st
Week 2: July 24th - July 28th



12pm - 4pm EST

Each day, the course will consist of two components:


Hands-on Lab



After taking this course...


of students would recommend the course to a friend or classmate.


of students are more likely to take additional courses in quantum information science and engineering (QISE).


of students are interested in pursuing a career in QISE-related field.

What Students Learn

  • Key concepts such as qubits, superposition and teleportation
  • How quantum computing relates to cryptography, space travel, AI and other fields
  • Construct circuits from quantum gates
  • Create a quantum circuit that entangles two qubits
  • Learn how to code in Qiskit, a Python-based language used to communicate with our quantum computers.
  • Run code on real quantum computers



    High school students (rising 10th graders and above) as well as early undergrads are eligible.

    There is will also be a special lab section for middle and high school educators.


High School Students:

  • 1-week camp: July 17 - July 21
  • 2-week camp: July 17 - July 28

  • Educators:
  • 1-week camp: July 17 - July 21

  • Time: 12pm to 4pm EST


    There are no prerequisites for this class.

    No prior STEM experience or quantum knowledge is required or expected.


    1-week camp: $495

    2-week camp: $895


    *Partial and full scholarships available for students with financial need or from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in STEM.


    • Daily live instruction from quantum researchers in the field
    • Small group hands-on lab sections to reinforce core concepts

    Registration Deadline

    Priority Deadline: May 31st. Registrations are accepted on a rolling basis until all spots are filled.


    To register, students are required to complete a short registration form with basic information and submit a 200-word statement of interest. We care about enthusiasm and passion, not prior STEM experience, so submit your registration ASAP!


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